Welcome to Finding Those We Lost

This site was created to bring you along on the journey of finding the missing C-124 Globemaster,  the 52 airmen on the plane and their family members. I hope that  their journey will help you on your journey to seek answers about your lost loved one.


“Families and Friends, what we all have been waiting for has come true. It would have been 60 years November 2012. There are no words I can state on this page or any other page that explains how I am feeling right now…I pray and ask for JPAC to bring our Airmen home to us; one airman at a time or all at once just home to the families member waiting.” (posted on our facebook page)



  “To never know a person but so driven too; is a powerful thing. I start my journey looking for answers about my grandfather and found so much more” ~Tonja Anderson-Dell