SEA Center:            Seattle Control

MATS                     I have a IFR flight plan, northbound

SEA Center             Go ahead

MATS                     MAT one one zero seven, Charlie one twenty-four, pilot Duvall

(delta, union, victor, alpha, lima, lima) McCord IFR climbing to nine thousand direct Rolling Bay nine thousand Blue thirty-two Dungeness nine thousand Neah Bay, eight give hundred direct Capt St. James, eight five hundred direct Sandspit nine thousand direct Middleton Island nine thousand direct Whittier nine thousand Amber one Anchorage Landing EDF, true air speed one nine five knots, transmitting normal plus VHF, proposed fifteen hundred pacific, estimates seven plus zero three, eleven plus thirty fuel, pilot rating three-one, alternate FBK and code eight, Sugar how MATS

SEA Center             Coca Coca 57 (1357P)

SEA Center             Seattle Control

TCM Tower             Triple nickel six airborne at one zero and one one zero seven is

standing by for ATC clearance.

SEA Center             Just a moment, I’ll call you right back, McChord WL, one two (1512P)

SEA Center             Wasn’t nine four zero seven was it?

MATZ                     no, one, one zero seven

SEA Center             When did he depart?

MATS                     He departed McChord at fifteen thirty (1530P), we haven’t had any position on him since

SEA Center             Just a moment, he checked Dungeness about fifteen minutes ago, do you need the time

MATS                     He reported Dungeness at-

SEA Center             Yes he reported Dungeness ten or fifteen minutes ago, something like that

MATS                     about fifty five, huh? (1555P)

SEA Center             Just a minute, I can give you the time

MATS                     Okay

SEA Center             We don’t have that information available at the moment

MATS                     You don’t have the time huh?

SEA Center             No, not just now

MATS                     He did report there though?

SEA Center             Roger

MATS                     I’ll make it about fifty-five (1555P)

SEA Center             RM ten (1610P)