Airman Thomas Lyons

I arrived at the services of Airman Lyons and it took my breath away. Interstate 95 was shut down for him. To look behind you and see cars for miles being held off by 3 police SUV was amazing. His sister and children welcomed me with open arms. Her and I got a chance to have some one-on-one time when realize we were holding up the services. I walked around viewing his life in pictures and I have to say he was a great artist. We often wonder how such a tragedy like this could bring us all together years later. I think it held true for the Lyons’s family.

Lyons’s cousin seen his story in the paper and that he was coming home. They went through hell and high water to track down the family; from Alaska to Delaware. The 2 families has lived about 15 minutes from each other all these years. They attended the services and it was a beautiful scene to see the cousins together like no years had passed by.

The spot light of the day was a man walked up to Gerri (Lyons Sister) and introduced himself (I did not get his name). He was Lyons friend from back in the day, seen the home coming in the paper and made his way to the services. He was even able to answer some question for them. There was a picture of a young lady in his wallet (that was returned after 62 years) and they wondered who she was.

I want to THANK the city of Deerfield, Broward Sheriff, Florida State Troopers and the Patriot Guard for welcoming Airman Thomas Lyons home where he belongs.

The military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home walking or carried, we shall welcome them with open arms.
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