COL Eugen Smith

On July 25, 2014 I was able to attend the services of COL Eugen Smith. For me this was like no other I have attended as he gave little more than just his life. I learned that COL Smith transferred to the newly formed Air Force OSI at Alaska Air Command. To see the members of the current OSI come out for his services was priceless. They bought COL Smith into the church escorted by one member of each one of his siblings. To see them standing tall knowing that the uncle they heard so many stories about was home and that they were escorting him in was a scene from a movie (maybe our story one day). They came pass us and my son leaned over and said “Mom, wow… so amazing”

I have to say yes it was…

We stood in the cemetery and I spoke with the family after the services. I am so glad that the younger generation kept some of them up to date about our page and my posting. We laughed and talked about not doing social media plus COL Smith coming home but most of all the Generals, Colonels and others that were there. I even got a chance to have some one-on-one time with one. What a wonderful person General Givens was. I asked did they only come out because Smith was a Colonel and he replied no we came out to pay our respect to the fallen but also the man who help started the OSI in which we serve under now. If your grandfather comes home I hope that we will all be there to welcome him home too.

We went back to the family home and I got a chance to see more into the life of Smith. His personal items, old picture, medals, his pin collection, and letters. Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

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