PVT Leonard Kittle

As the door open, I walked into a crowded room, and there stood Ms. Sandra and Ms. Linda…

Ms. Sandra came running up to me and we stood there just hugging & crying. Ms. Linda walks up and she says “I thought you weren’t coming.” I told her “Thanks to Ms. Becky and Blue Star Mothers I was able to make it here to surprise you all.” The look on their faces that evening made my trip well worth it. That night I was able to speak to PVT Kittle high school friends, cousins, and etc…

I arrived the next morning for his services and when I turned the corner, the road was full of motorcycles. The local VFW, Patriot Guard and the residence of Caney, KS lined the street as we made our way through. While making our way to the cemetery entrance there was a HUGE American Flag hanging for the motorcade to go under. What an amazing view!!!!

To the Town of Caney, KS, Ms. Becky, Blue star Mothers, Mr. Lawrence, the VFWs, and the Patriot Guards, I want to say THANK YOU for everything you all did to Welcome PVT Leonard Kittle home.

Ms. Sandra’s son Earl made a comment to me and I will forever remember it.

“Tonja, what we do in life echoes in eternity and what you have done for my mother and sister will forever echo into eternity.” Thanks Earl

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo22 Kittles photo 5 photo 10505569_10152562218053217_8911563538239665810_n 10492531_10152562215238217_7963767231566624083_n 10494747_10152562191468217_1542419357684231201_n 10502087_10152562212603217_8206873729997280047_n 10492433_10152561236533217_1979857208423470924_n 10491074_10152562215408217_7317393690387509287_n 10477954_10152562189548217_6176516418514336912_n 10469665_314073135413919_7573870034340236772_n 10462873_10152562197268217_1582859570011256143_n 10431500_10152562220273217_7035993990966397845_n 10443500_10152562216233217_5584653551359757891_n 20140621_114911(0) 10341576_10152562173848217_9167196596313086741_n 10370904_10152562167433217_6647405828731478097_n 984143_10152561249238217_4459480788785271361_n PVT Leonard Kittle