2nd LT Robert Moon



July 29th I went to the services of 2nd LT Robert Moon. It was a wonderful moment to sit and listen to his sister talk about his childhood and how he was her “Knight in shining Armor”. The smile she had on her face talking about it made me see just how much of a bond they all had. His cousin stood and sung a bidding Farwell song to him and what a lovely voice she had.

As the family stood, turned and walked down the aisle I notice a face I have seen before. I could not place it until later. I walked with them behind the horse drawn carriage as they lay their Knight in shining Armor in his final resting place. It was very moving to see the familiar face stand and put his hand on his forehead. 2LT Robert Moon’s cousin was Buzz Aldrin and he attended the services to welcome his fallen cousin home.

Don’t wait for the knight in shining armor. His armor is shiny because he has never been to war. Instead, look for the knight with torn and tattered armor. He is the one who knows how to fight and is sure to be the one who can keep you safe from harm ~unknown

To the family, Airman Moon armor was torn and tattered. He spent his time showing you his love and his fight to keep you safe. I am so blessed to be allowed to see this Knight make his way home. ~Tonja Anderson-Dell



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