Families still hope for return of Missouri men killed in 1952 Alaska plane crash July 4, 2014 by Mike Lear

Vicki Kelso Dodson can remember Wayne Dean Jackson’s mother talking about him

“She would say, ‘He hated the snow. He hated the snow, and if I could just get his body out of that snow and off that mountain,” she remembers.

It’s been more than 61 years and Dodson still wants to bring Jackson, an Air Force Airman 3rd Class from Downing, Missouri, home and out of that snow.

He was one of 52 people on a military plane that during a storm on November 22, 1952, crashed into Mount Gannett in Alaska, killing everyone on board. The C-124 Globemaster, nicknamed “Old Shaky,” was found a short time later by a search crew but before any passenger or crew remains could be recovered, it was covered over by snow and ice and lost for 60 years. Then in 2012, Alaska National Guardsmen flying over the Colony glacier rediscovered its wreckage


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