Flight ban set over glacier to protect remains from 1952 Air Force crash

Searchers on Alaska’s Colony Glacier anchor themselves to the glacier wall before attempting to search for possible evidence of the 1952 Air Force C-124 crash in a crevasse, June 30, 2013.



The Federal Aviation Administration has placed a five-month flight restriction over an Alaskan glacier to prevent sightseers from disturbing debris and human remains from an Air Force plane crash in 1952 that killed 52 people.

Recovery missions on Colony Glacier during the past four summers have repatriated the remains of 35 crash victims of the C-124 aircraft.

The unprecedented flight restriction, which begins Friday and ends Oct. 15, extends one nautical mile around the tip, or “toe,” of the glacier, according to an announcement from Alaskan Command, which had requested the FAA action.

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