Letters asking for Help

A copy my letter sent to the President and his staff. I have also sent letters for help to Ms. Kathy Castor and Mr. Jeb Bush.

Dear Mr. President and Staff,

My name is Tonja Anderson-Dell and I am the grand-daughter of Airman Isaac W. Anderson Sr; whom died in this crash on November 22, 1952. In 2012 during a training mission a blackhawk team found the crash site. In 2014 17 of the 52 men aboard the plane were identified and returned to their loved ones.

In June/July of 2014 JAPC returned to the glacier and remains were recovered. It is now over a year and these remains are still in the hands of JPAC/DPAA. I have sent emails requesting an update with no answer. In June of this year a team returned to the glacier and all items recovered there has been taken to Dover to start the process of identifying those possible remains recovered.

I have written to you and your staff in the past about JPAC now DPAA and nothing was done. Then later they got in trouble and light was shined on a lot of things they were doing wrong.

I am writing again in hope that someone will let you see this email and ask the proper people WHY is this lady writing me about this issue?
Most of all ask yourself if this was your loved one would you let this going without a fight.

Sir and staff, I mean no disrespect but enough is enough. How many more times will JPAC/DPAA mess up before you will put your hands in the pot?

If is seems like I am rambling it is because I am in the hospital and I still willing to fight for my cause.

Thanks in advance
Tonja Anderson

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