Plane recovery mission on glacier brings hope to families


ANCHORAGE –By Shannon Ballard Photojournalist: Carolyn Hall – 9:21 PM June 11, 2015

Some people look at archived newspaper clippings and think nothing of them. But when Tonja Anderson reads about Nov. 22, 1952, she thinks of her grandfather.

“It was my grandfather, my father’s father. He was on the plane at the time of the crash,” Anderson explained.

Airman Isaac Anderson Jr. was one of 52 servicemen killed when a C-124 cargo plane crashed in the Chugach Mountains. It wasn’t until recently that any of Anderson’s questions about what happened were answered.

Beneath the surface of Colony Glacier, the mass of ice rolls, cracks and shifts. This is where the wreckage of the Globemaster II was first spotted from the air in 2012.

“I am excited, just glad they’re able to get back onto the glacier. And get things moving,” Anderson said.

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