Update on our Servicemen

In October I was able to make it to DC to meet with Several Members to get answers for us and a better understanding on how things will go moving forward. The key people were Congressman David Jolly R-FL 13th District, Major General Linnington, COL Tremmaine, Boyd Sponaugle, Allen Cronin, Dr Ed Mazuchowski & list goes on.
Below is what I did learn in the meeting:
1. We will never learn the TRUTH as to why 2014 remains sat for over a year.
2. As of today all of 2014 remains has been ID and ALL families has been notified.

3. 2015 was mission completed in July of 2015 and 200+ possible remains were found and collected. Of that only 1 Army man was ID. That family has been notified as well.

4. Since JPAC/DPAA is no longer doing the recovery missions for operation colony glacier (us) AFMES in Dover will be taking over. I have had the chance to speak with them and I feel they will put forth the best efforts to getting are men home.

5. Part of the team has always been part of our case and I KNOW they are working on our side to get them home.

6. The team has started training and preparing for 2016 Search and Recovery mission.

I think my heart hurts because 2015 collection was more than 2012, 2013, &2014 combined yet only 1 was ID. As of today 22 of the 52 men aboard the C-124 has been ID. I hope this year yield good results for the remains 30 men.
I do want to thank the following because behind the scenes they wrote letters and requested meetings about our case and what it took so long.
Congressman David Jolly
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Senator Clair MsCaskill
Sean Doogan (Alaska Dispatch)
Mike Lear (Missournet)
I will continue to fight and let my voice be heard so they are reminded that the families has waited 63+ years for these men to come home. Some don’t have another 63+ years to wait. ~Tonja Anderson-Dell